Bead Boutique
A beader's paradise to beadazzle you
Beading is one of the best crafts and hobbies that you can possibly
learn. Sometimes these classes may even turn out to be profitable
for you but that is based on your desire to learn new things  and
motivate yourself. Many of our students sell their exquisite
creations through a variety of marketing channels.

Bead Boutique provides a wide variety of classes so that you can
make your own exquisite designer items.

While we do have a pre-determined class schedule, we are at many
times able to offer the same class at a schedule that suits you -
but for that you need to call us at 678-867-0303 and check with

For taking beading classes, you won't find a friendlier shop than
Bead Boutique.
Click on the class schedule below to see what is being offered: